Ice Lounge
Our cold logistics solutions have been implemented with the aim to provide our clients the best cold storage facilities and satisfy the constantly changing storage requirements of the companies. Our unsurpassed and effective ice lounge refrigerated services include -
Transfer of goods is one of the most common practices exercised since ages, but was limited to only the local area at its initial phase. And, as time passed by, the give and take system officially called import and export of goods came into picture which was initially restricted to dry and long-shelf life goods. But, the linkage of ice and cold storage facilities to the logistics have aided in the transportation of perishable and fresh foods & products at the global level and thus, made it possible for every individual to experience the taste of global foods and products.

Most of the logistics companies face a specific set of critical problems and challenges allied to transport of temperature-sensitive products, perishable goods, valuable commodities and services related to urgent deadlines. And, there’s where TP Logistics comes into action to render a broad spectrum of unique, effective, reliable and reasonable ice lounge services. Ice Lounge Refrigerated Cargo services offered by TP Logistics involve a wide range of cold storage options perfectly suiting the cold storage requirement of the national clients.